Thursday, 29 December 2011

lesen L !!

k larh nak smbung cita smalam..
masa p baling amek lesen td,,aku p dah buat 3 jam..
tggal lagi 3jam ja lgi,,tgk2 ajen tu ajak balik..
xpasai2 ja aku kena mai lagi hari isnin depan tuk buat lgi 3jam..
hadoih,,!!!malaih nak p sna dah aih..
tp xpa,,bole balik awai,,
kalu x aku dpt L dah td,,buley cewi kat hmpa yg xdak lesen tuh..haha
aku dh nk dpt lesen dah,,hmpa bila??
hmpa jdi la mat/minah rempit lama2(xdk lesen)
nanti polis tgkap,,babai..

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Cerita Lesen

lama aku x update blog kan..
hmmm,...biasalah,.agak mls sikit,.oppss kantoi..hahah
nak tau x kemarin aku p amek ujian komputer dekat Baling,,tau apa resultnya,,.
hahaha,,aku lulus cukup2 jaa,,,bayangkan kalu salah lagi 1,,gagal larr,..
nased baik lulus,,alhamdulillah,,walaupun cukup2..
kira ok la drpd kawan aku Nadya tuh,,kena buat dua kali,,.
masa tgh amek ujian tu ada la budak perempuan nih,,comey lar jgk
asyik tnya aku ja,,aku pon igt nk tnya dya jgk tp aku tgk dya asyik tnya aku ja,,
aku batalkan je la niat aku tuh,,haha..
k larh,,nanti aku update lagi yea,,babai

Sunday, 25 December 2011

blog x update

blog ni lmbat diupdatekan dgan storymorry sebab
fatyn solehah yg simpan gambaq2 event kami lam PC dia.
entah bila dia nak bagi pon aku xtaw,.
sabar ja la,..nanti lepas dia baca ni diat bagi la kot gmbaq2 tuh,,huhu
sorry fatin solehah i have to be truth...huhu

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


memBER2 jerw,..

ni le member2 klas aku,,ni masa p rombongan bukit merah,,
miss them so much,,,
tgk la girl yg dok kat tgh tu,,comel kan.
nama dya Atikah,,huhu
yg muka penat tu aku,,.fahmi yg pakai Cap tuh,.
yg baju kuning tu anas n yg satu lagi tu BOBbyy..
bdak dua org yg kat atas tuh kanan ROB,kiri Nadya,.
lama lagi ka cuti nieyh,,miss 4sc1 dah nieyhh..=(

Sunday, 18 December 2011

tgk la mulot dya,,,
pipi dya tuhh,,,cam nak gigit jaaa..,

Ni la keja kami kalau xtaw nak uat apa,,huhu
sapa tidoq kami amek gambaq dya,,,ciap post lam blog lg,,
xpasai ja dpt publisiti,,.huhuhu
tp kami xpost gmbq org lain,,,kami post gmbaq adek kami ja larr,,
gmbaq kami tidoq?? NO WAY!! Hahah
sweet x gmbq nieyh.??
hmmm,,mesti lar sweet kan...,
baek hampa kata sweet kalau x kami KOYAK mulot hampa..
hahaha,,lawak ja,,kami bukan jahat ngat,,,kami baek tau ark,,huhu
kalau hampa nak main ngan adek kami mai lar umah kami,,,
mama kami x maqah aih..,,lgipon mama kami p qeja,,
mama kami qeja apa??
nanti kami bgi tau kat hampa k...

Thursday, 15 December 2011

my younger sister

If u want to know,,this is my little younger sister,,
is she cute,???
ofcourse YES (for me)-my impression larh,,huhu
kalau nak tau,,,dya ni suka JELER,,cam nieyh,,:P
camtuh hah,,,when I ask somethings she reply :P..
i talk to her she make :P
hmm..tu yg best tuhhh...hahah.XD

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Thursday, 24 November 2011

2nd day working,,

good morning,. =)
taday is my second day working at mama's maya studio..
hmm,,but not at maya studio..
i have to make 3 bridal bed today,..
don't know where but this day will be the first day i'm
doing this....

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

first day working-

on my first day working,,so far so good,,,
boss??? okay,,.
not so tired today but tomorrow have a lot of works to do,,
huh,,,wish me some strong energy tomorrow..
erm,,,now i'm matching with my boss,,just a little bit shimy,,.
ofcourse lar,,,i'm new.!!
hahah,,,lets dont talk about this,,bubye,.

-bunga oh bunga-

Oh my god,,today i have to interview mysefl to the boss..
nooooo,,,she wants me to create the spin rate..
oh no,,i'm not so creative..but i will try..
wish me success okay...babai..

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

kerja oh kerja..

praise to be god,,i get a work,...
tomorrow will be the first day i'm working,,
don't know what is the work..
but i don't care at all...i just care about.....----
i will be busy and cannot online my FB and blogging anymore..
i'm worry about that..
hope i have time to rest at least,...

mY dReAm !!

Its about a year i've been dreaming of something that i dont know when will i get that,,
like what i say i did not come from the aristocracy family,,
so thats why i didnt get it,,..
for my mother its very expensive but i dont care because for me its very valuable..
my dream is to get the DSLR camera (NIKON).,
hope i can get it one day...
maybe soon,,
maybe tomorrow,,..haha just kidding..


last night the football competition be the best football game that i've seen..
very best..but you have to know i'm not a football crazier,,i just watch football games,
even i dont know how to play football at all,,.know lar a little bit,,,
you know,when i play football..i scored a goal just a year,,not more than that..hahah..
at least i have experience about football,..
okay, back to the story,,.last night i a little bit nervous at first of the game because that
was a very intense football match..huh,,did not know how to describe the feeling here.,,
i think you all also felt like that last night..
hmm,,but praise to be god because let malaysia be the winner last night and i think forever also,,huhu..
my house was like to explode last night you know...
lastly malaysia defeated the impersonator indonesia...
damn you Indonesia...

Monday, 21 November 2011

i'm waiting-..not waiting outside the line.

its about 3 hours to go,,
i'm still waiting for my cousin to come home,..
i'm boring without her,,..
hope time goes by very fast while i am posting this..
how long can i be patient,,
oh GOD help me,,,
i'm really boring right now,,..
maybe i should go to her,,
i am at her house now,,i dont now very well the journey to go to her
working place,..even the motorcycle is used by her father,,
maybe her father hangout with his friend at MAMAK's stall waiting
the football competition tonight(malaysia vs indonesia) while drinking 'teh tarik',..
so that mean i'm alone again,..
by the way, tv is not rolling the great movie or drama today,,
there were nothing best on the tv show today,..just cartoon and some korean2,,
you all know right, that guys doesnt like korean like girls like it..
hmm,,,lets dont talk about it..
how you'll feel when you are alone??without girl/boyfriend..,
ouh,,that must be really shit,!!!
people need friend,,,we all need friend,,,we cant stay lonely...everybody cant..
i'm lonely right now,,,3 hours is like a 3 centuries....huhh,
lonely is killing me man,..
FB..??ouh,,there are just a little amount of friend online today..
thats why i;m blogging...hope my cousin back as fast as she can,..

about me.

me??nothings special, just a simple life,,not rich,,just normal..
i'm from kedah,,,no need details adress to show here..
i am study at a not very good school but good enough around my area
that is Sek. Men. Keb. Sik...
i learn blogging from my school teacher while i joining the ICT club..
then my cousin thought me more about blogging,,..thank to her,..
so, i'm new here,,,do a comment please to make me more expert,...
thanks for spending your time reading my not so atractive BLOG..!!

Malaysia vs Indonesia

let us pray for malaysia,,malaysia boleh!!!
i know we can do it,,..
for all football crazier lets us wearing Malaysia's jersea tonight,,,
remember 8.30 pm okay,,..!!!!
vote malaysia,,,bye SMS  (just kidding)
hahaha,,,what do u think?? malaysia or indo,..
hope malaysia win toning...
please god let our country be the winner tonight...
go my country go,,,!!
Malaysia work hard please tonight....

start of my life,.

good morning,!!
hmm,,,holiday is making me boring,..
just me at home,,,hahah
nothing to do,,,
very gratefull coz have lappy n tenet,,
cant imagine if there's no this gadjetss,,..
hmmm,,.OMG la,.!!