Monday, 21 November 2011

i'm waiting-..not waiting outside the line.

its about 3 hours to go,,
i'm still waiting for my cousin to come home,..
i'm boring without her,,..
hope time goes by very fast while i am posting this..
how long can i be patient,,
oh GOD help me,,,
i'm really boring right now,,..
maybe i should go to her,,
i am at her house now,,i dont now very well the journey to go to her
working place,..even the motorcycle is used by her father,,
maybe her father hangout with his friend at MAMAK's stall waiting
the football competition tonight(malaysia vs indonesia) while drinking 'teh tarik',..
so that mean i'm alone again,..
by the way, tv is not rolling the great movie or drama today,,
there were nothing best on the tv show today,..just cartoon and some korean2,,
you all know right, that guys doesnt like korean like girls like it..
hmm,,,lets dont talk about it..
how you'll feel when you are alone??without girl/boyfriend..,
ouh,,that must be really shit,!!!
people need friend,,,we all need friend,,,we cant stay lonely...everybody cant..
i'm lonely right now,,,3 hours is like a 3 centuries....huhh,
lonely is killing me man,..
FB..??ouh,,there are just a little amount of friend online today..
thats why i;m blogging...hope my cousin back as fast as she can,..

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